Vendor Advisory Spotlight | Melissa Ralston

Title: Chief Revenue Officer of Sales & Marketing

Supplier: Koozie Group

How do you define the mission and purpose of your role within your organization?

My role is to motivate and drive our teams toward a value-based approach to our sales and marketing efforts. The ultimate goal is to ensure that we are digging deeper to provide valuable tools to our distributor partners while ensuring our internal teams have the right resources and training to do their jobs effectively.

What motivates you to keep growing in your work and professional knowledge?

I truly enjoy learning new things; I think it helps keep me fresh and gives me insights into different situations. This broader perspective allows me to work more strongly across functions and to make better business decisions.

What are your favorite hobbies and activities?

My favorite hobbies are spending time with family, traveling, and being outside – boating, biking, etc. I am lucky to live in Florida, where the great weather makes it possible to do things outside pretty much all year round.

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