Bringing Awareness to the Office

Social activism and fundraising for a cause is an increasingly important part of a company culture. The 2014 Millennial Impact Report, supported by the Case Foundation, showed that a company’s involvement with cause-related opportunities DCWBDG_pink_white_clipside_open_fc_v2influenced all stages of employment — from a millennial’s decision whether or not to accept a job (more than 55 percent said they were persuaded to say yes after cause work was discussed during an interview), to whether or not they planned to stay at a job (20 percent said belief in the company’s mission and purpose would be the most important reason for staying).

Looking for some out of the box thinking for your next awareness program geared to an office or corporate setting? Think about what employees use everyday and let it carry your awareness message!

BIC(R) Digital Widebody(R) Design Grip (DCWBDG) – With a wide profile design and Awareness Ribbon molded into the grip…

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