Managing Successful Healthcare Programs


The progress of our company is deeply rooted in the success of each and every one of our 600 sales associates located across the U.S. In order to help these remote account managers, we operate a team of over 200 home office employees to support and provide resources to the field. This includes everything from acquisitions, assistance with RFPs, operations management, building eCommerce websites, billing, marketing materials, idea generation and more. The best part is that these resources are already included in our splits, which are still the highest in the industry. This model allows our sales team to focus on what they do best – focusing on the needs of our customers.

One of our largest vertical markets we service is healthcare. This is not only due to the rising need for these facilities, but because of our talented and committed team of sales associates who manage them. Here are a few we’d like to highlight:

Germano, TomF.jpgTom Germano
Tom has been working with his healthcare customer for the last year, focusing on promotional products and apparel, and is in the process of adding scrubs and Under Armour to the program. ACES has become a valuable tool for this program, allowing the online ordering process to be streamlined, making it easier to manage and provide excellent customer service. “I enjoy working with this client!  The work they do for children is amazing and being even a small part of that that process is rewarding,” explains Tom. With help from American’s management team, he was able to elevate the relationship with his healthcare contact to eventually gain their trust and business. Tom says, “American has also been able to sponsor several events, which has been extremely beneficial in building our client relationship and loyalty. Working with the corporate and Tallahassee office has certainly helped build a solid foundation for continued success.”

eBraxtonBraxton Yorita
With a relationship spanning over 15 years with his customer, Braxton has developed a strong connection with his healthcare customer that goes far beyond just business. In order to win them over, he focused on building trust, being proactive and positioning himself as an expert in the field. Now, Braxton provides them with print services, stationary, business cards, kitting, labels, promotional products, apparel and more. According to Braxton, our eCommerce technology has helped their customers order more efficiently and provides backend reporting. “I’ve had great support and resources from both our corporate and island teams,” explains Braxton, “This program requires a combined effort to be successful and grow.”

Guglielmi, robbin 3652Robbin Guglielmi
Being a part of the WCPC group helped Robbin secure the business with her healthcare customer in December of 2014. Since then, she’s been providing them with print solutions. While there have been challenges such as customer employee turnover and marketing efforts, she has faced them with a strategic and patient approach in order to get the job done. “I’m glad they’ve on-boarded a new Director of Materials, who is very happy with the savings we have implemented and has provided referrals into all departments for new business,” Robbin says, “I’m excited to see what opportunities are in store with this customer!”

Interested in learning more about our programs? Visit our website or find an American Sales Associate near you!

Preparing a Spooktacular Halloween Event!

Many may not know that a dealership can be a great venue for Halloween fun and a great way to increase public exposure. Hosting a Trick-Or-Treating bazaar inside your dealership  or business provides a safe, fun environment for children to enjoy the holiday and introduce parents to friendly sales staff and new vehicles for sale.

Your Halloween event can be simple or extravagant and include activities such as:

  • kids trick-or-treat between the various departments (you could take this opportunity to talk to parents or hand out flyers/information with the candy)
  • put skeletons in display vehicles driver’s seats
  • Halloween-themed games and prizes
  • haunted maze for the children

Whichever style event you choose to host, there are essential items to make your dealership Halloween event a success:

  1. Logo’d treat bags: kids will need a safe place to keep all of their goodies!

2. Sugar-free treats: every parent will thank you for adding some variety to their children’s Halloween haul!

3. Safety gear: when your Halloween event patrons venture out into the community after visiting your dealership, they will be visible and safe with these handy safety lights.

Halloween will be here soon – it’s time to begin planning your Halloween event by talking to your ASB sales associate today! To find your local associate click here.


Credit Union – Success Story


CLIENT: Credit Union

MARKET: Financial

SITUATION: Our customer had stacks of outdated statement paper they were unable to use. Throwing it away was not an option. They wanted to find a way to reuse the paper while supporting their community.

SOLUTION: American helped the credit union find a creative way to turn their trash into treasure. The credit union teamed up with American to recycle the paper into writing pads for area schools. By turning their unwanted paper into student writing pads, the customer was able to recycle, reuse and even managed to gain media attention for their efforts in recycling and supporting their local schools.

SUCCESS: Rethink, Recycle, Reuse! Not only were we able to create a new use for their paper, but we were able to help them supply twenty-nine schools in four nearby counties with fun and free writing pads.

AMERICAN SOLUTIONS: Print & Document Solutions

American & Essendant: providing school supplies to kids in need!


The Titans present their donation to staff from Ben Milam Elementary School and Sam Houston Elementary School

Over the weekend, some of our American employees (with the help of their softball team) collaborated with our office supplies vendor, Essendant, to donate to schools in the Dallas, TX area. American’s Director of Vertical Markets, Sarah Thomas, has been part of the softball team for 5 years – a group that adopts families over the holidays, works with children’s hospitals, donates to food pantries and participates in other fundraisers throughout the year.

“There are so many people who live in our neighborhoods that can’t afford the simplest of items, the bare necessities to live day to day,” Sarah says, “In order for children to escape a poverty-stricken life, they need to be educated, and simple supplies such as a backpack and notebook are critical in obtaining an education that can help them get a good job and provide for themselves and their family someday.” She also advocates that others should look for local non-profits in their community by contacting area hospitals, schools or food shelves.

Sarah reached out to American’s account executive, Dan Kaiser, to see how Essendant could help their cause and was met with an extremely positive response.

“Personally, I find that giving back is a privilege, as it brings together the best of who we are for those who need help,” shares Dan Kaiser, Essendant’s Account Executive, “Essendant is committed to helping our customers win, making this a better company, and making our communities better. Our purpose-driven culture celebrates people, and we honor them with our actions.”

Through The Essendant Charitable Foundation, nearly 500 grants are awarded to help meet critical human needs such as shelter, food & safety, education, support for military families, medical research and disaster relief.


We are so proud to have employees and business partners who are committed to improving our communities. This is proof that when we work together, our impact is multiplied, resulting in brighter futures and better lives for the people around us. If you’re interested in getting involved, please contact Sarah Thomas or Dan Kaiser or charities near you!

Forms Management from American


Operating a business can be a very demanding task regardless of the department you manage. Handling customer service issues, employee management, scheduling and other duties often leave you little time for your other responsibilities – including operating your forms supply . Luckily, American Solutions for Business can help you manage this process to help you reach your business goals!

Our experienced sales associates are familiar with the forms and items you use every day to operate your automotive dealership, financial institution, government entity, healthcare facility and more. They know when and how each item is used and how vital each is to ensure your department runs smoothly. Our sales associates are also well versed in cost reduction and inventory, and with a simple product analysis, can evaluate your usage levels to ensure that you receive the best pricing possible. Once ordered, your American sales associate will manage your forms inventory and can also offer offsite warehousing.

To learn more about American’s forms management or to schedule a product analysis for your business, contact your American rep or click here to find one near you!

Trend Alert – Copper Drinkware!

CopperBannerUnless you’ve been living under a rock, or have just steered clear of the bar scene lately, you’ve probably noticed the rising popularity of a particular drink – the Moscow Mule. The simple drink consists of vodka, lime juice and ginger beer, but the real star is the cozy copper mug in which it’s served.You can learn more about the history of the mug and the drink here.

The resurgence of this particular drink has seemed to spark a response in the promotional products industry, and we’re expecting copper to be this season’s retro, bar-inspired tone to watch for.

For more information, contact your American sales associate or find one near you!

eCommerce Makes Operating Your Dealership Easy!

Operating a dealership is very much relationship-focused, and anything hurting your customer service hurts the relationship with your valued customers. An American ACES site (American’s Customer-centric eCommerce Solution) allows you to order the goods necessary to keep your dealership operating smoothly, and minimize the time spent away from your customers.

ACES can feature catalogs for all of the forms, promotional goods, office supplies, toner, apparel and other items you need to run your business:

  • Automotive catalog – features over 2,000 stock packaged goods that you use every day, such as window stickers, buyers guides, deal jackets, dispatch numbers and more.
  • Office Supply catalog – contains over 27,000 common and not so common office items
  • Template eStore – Business cards and name tags can be customized and ordered quickly and easily in the template catalog.
  • Custom marketing items and forms can be easily ordered and their inventory tracked through a Company eStore and an apparel catalog featuring a multitude of different clothing options can be customized to maintain your brand standards while giving your employees a wide array of styles to choose from.

Beyond the convenience of having one source for all of your business solutions needs, ACES reporting provides an efficient way to monitor the spend of the departments within your dealership, establish allocation and approval limits, and track inventory. Your ACES site is designed to match your specific branding to create a seamless user experience. This site can either be accessed via login or as an open link for external sales to your customers.

Bring the ease of online ordering to your dealership and employees with an ACES site by talking to your American Solutions for Business representative today! You can find your local ASB rep by clicking here.


Family Owned Inn – Success Story


CLIENT: Family Owned Inn

MARKET: Hospitality

SITUATION: Our customer wanted to find a unique way to keep in touch with their guests. Their desire was to become more than just another hotel option, they wanted to be memorable and retain customers.

SOLUTION: American came up with a unique promotional campaign that helped the hotel interact with their guests in a creative way. At the edge of every bathtub, overnight guests were greeted by a small, branded rubber duck. Guests were encouraged to tuck these ducks into suitcases, backpacks, diaper bags and purses to start the migration to places near and far. Postcards were placed next to the ducks educating their guests on the “adoption” process. The inn encouraged people to email stories and pictures of their duck’s adventures after leaving the inn.

SUCCESS: Small customer, big splash! Not only was the hotel able to keep in touch with their guests after their stay via email, but they were able to create brand advocates that were sure to return. Past and potential guests enjoy viewing the duck migration on the hotel’s website. The campaign has been a huge success, from continued communication with past guests to creating the awareness needed to interest future guests. More than 25,000 ducks are currently in “migration.”

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Marketing Solutions

Trend Alert – Matte

Not all that glitters is gold. In fact, we’re thinking quite the opposite! Right now, the promotional products world is loving all that is matte. If you’re unfamiliar with the poplar trend, matte is a color, paint or finish that has no shine. Over the last few years, we’ve seen it in makeup, jewelry, nail polish, home decor and more. Here are some hot promo products that have embraced this trendy finish!


High Sierra® Blackout Vacuum Tumbler 17oz 
This sleek tumbler is a great on-the-go accessory, complete with a carabiner handle to make it portable for outdoor or office use. The double wall vacuum insulation keeps drinks hot for 5 hours and cold for 15 hours.
Uses: hiking, fishing, camping, outdoor sports, corporate gifting, transportation companies, education

Leeds Tumbler

CIMA 3-In-1 Pen/Pointer/Stylus
As functional as it is fashionable, the CIMA can be used three different ways. It features a brass pen with a metallic soft capacitive stylus and a pointer activated by a push/hold button.
Uses: Corporate gifting, technology companies, higher education


Matte Barrel Ceramic Mug – 16 oz.
The classic mug gets a trendy makeover with this outer matte finish.
Uses: Office settings, education, automotive, healthcare
Norwood Mug

The Sun Ray Sunglasses – Matte
Add a retail flair to the typical promotional shades – these feature a comfortable matte finish and UV 400 protective lenses.
Uses: 5K walks/runs, sporting events, education, trade shows, amusement and water parks 
Bulletline The Sun Ray Sunglasses - Matte
Matte Laminated Euro Tote Bag
An often overlooked promo product, the shopping bag can be a great way to promote your brand while giving your customer a better end-user experience.
Uses: trade shows, retail stores, automotive, insurance agencies 

American Ad Bags.jpg

Matte Wireless Folding Mouse
This foldable mouse has a soft rubber matte finish, to make it both portable and comfortable. With compatibility for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Mac systems and a transmitted distance of 8-10 meters, this is a great tech product for your next promotion.
Uses: office settings, technology and computer companies, gaming, networking events, presentations, conferences
Sunjoy Mouse.png

30 OZ. Continuum Series 
With double wall stainless steel and copper vacuum insulation, this stylish tumbler keeps liquids hot or cold for hours. The special design fits 30 ounces of liquid while still fitting snugly in your vehicle’s cup holder.
Uses: Corporate gifting, trade shows, sports clubs, higher education, healthcare 

Moderne Glass Company Tumbler

Let us know what you think about this trend – is it just a fad or here to stay? For more information, contact your American Sales Associate or find one near you!

Dynamic Automotive Displays

As a provider of automotive dealership solutions, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to help our dealership customers run successful, efficient operations. Our dedicated representatives follow the auto industry closely to keep up on the latest news, trends, and initiatives so that we can continue to be valued consultative partners for our customers.

Many dealerships across the nation have upgraded their facilities to comply with manufacturer image programs, modernize their appearance, and offer their customers greater service and experience. With those core initiatives in mind, we at American have developed the Modular Automotive Display System to provide a dynamic, cost-effective solution for displaying automotive goods within the dealership.

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These display units have been designed to fit each dealership’s individual needs and availability of space. Comprised of two styles, the Focal Module and Secondary Module, these modular display systems can be assembled in varying configurations to create an inviting retail environment. The modules can be branded with the manufacturer logo, dealership logo, or both to strengthen your branding efforts. The LED edge lit shelves can be set to match nearly any brand color. These modular displays can be used for logoed apparel, drinkware, automotive goods, collectibles and aftermarket accessories.

To learn more about the Modular Automotive Display System, contact your ASB representative. To find your local representative, click here. To receive regular updates from American Automotive, click here.