Hospital Signage | Case Study

Situation: A hospital was in need of a full installation of interior signage for their new facility on the East Coast. With a quickly approaching deadline, the hospital sent out requests for formal bid proposals along with general specifications and timeline requirements. The hospital administrators were under pressure to align a new source after their... Continue Reading →


SITUATION: A hospital's critical care rehabilitation division was having a difficult time with an effective, on-brand, cohesive buy-in program to recognize their employees. These types of hospitals were high-stress as the majority of their patients were senior and long-term. Keeping staff motivated and recognized is key. Since there were over 100 hospitals in this division,... Continue Reading →

Protective Eyewear | Case Study

Client: Healthcare Facility Solutions: Promotional Products   Situation: Workers at a healthcare facility were required to wear eye protection when seeing any COVID-19 related patients. Solution: American supplied the healthcare facility with blue light blocking glasses. These glasses block a portion of the harmful blue light from devices and screens — reducing eye strain and... Continue Reading →

Virus Screening Stickers | Case Study

Client: Healthcare Organization Solutions: Print Solutions | Promotional Products   Situation: A healthcare organization with 11 medical rehabilitation facilities needed a way to identify patients and staff who had been screened and cleared for COVID-19. Solutions: American worked with the healthcare organization to create custom stickers they could have patients and staff wear to easily... Continue Reading →

Centralization Efforts | Case Study

Client: Rehabilitation Center eCommerce Solutions | Print Solutions | Promotional Products | Reporting Solutions   Situation: A large rehabilitation services company spanning 48 states was going through a major marketing and operational centralization effort to control and streamline the ordering practices of all 2,700 locations. They lacked a brand-specific platform with both functionalities to accommodate... Continue Reading →

Salt Shaker | Case Study

Client: Hospital Market: Healthcare Situation: According to the National Institutes of Health, falls are the number one cause of fractures, trauma admissions, loss of independence and death by injury among older adults. During the cold-weather season, many of these accidents are the result of icy steps and walks. The hospital's trauma department wanted to introduce... Continue Reading →

Healthcare Services | Case Study

Client: Healthcare Facility Market: Healthcare Situation: A healthcare facility was looking for an online store where its 25+ locations could purchase promotional products and apparel on-demand. Their current service provider was unable to provide this service, leaving the client with no means to achieve this. Solution: The client attended an annual GPO conference where they... Continue Reading →

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