Salt Shaker | Case Study

Client: Hospital

Market: Healthcare

Situation: According to the National Institutes of Health, falls are the number one cause of fractures, trauma admissions, loss of independence and death by injury among older adults. During the cold-weather season, many of these accidents are the result of icy steps and walks. The hospital’s trauma department wanted to introduce a simple-to-use tool to help seniors reduce their risk of falls during the winter months.

Solution: American worked with the hospital’s trauma department and identified several options for water bottles to be repurposed to hold rock salt with an easy-our spout. The bottle needed to be small enough for seniors to handle easily, yet large enough to hold a useful amount of salt. The hospital evaluated the options and selected a bottle that fit the need and brand standards.

Success: Although the expense was only a few hundred dollars, the solution helps protect the health of elderly community members, reflecting favorably on the hospital’s brand. The solution also helped to solidify American as a go-to partner for creative problem-solving.

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