Catalog Program | Case Study

Client: Large Outdoor Company Print Solutions | eCommerce Solutions | Marketing Solutions | Promotional Products Situation: A large outdoor company that specializes in hardscape products produces a custom printed catalog spanning 18 regions that give ideas on how to use their products. The company started looking for a printer that not only could provide competitive... Continue Reading →

Recruitment Campaign | Case Study

Situation: A private school was looking to reinvent its recruitment efforts to target prospective families. The school’s marketing and admissions team were heavily involved in recruitment, and with no in-person open house events or campus tours, they needed a quick and effective solution. Solution: The marketing and admissions team worked with American to develop a... Continue Reading →

Client Success Story | Medical Center

Out with the old, and in with the new! Don Calverley, a sales representative for American Solutions for Business, recently created a fresh new perspective for a medical center in Nashville that was seeking an upgrade to their design. Don saw this as an opportunity to fine tune the graphics that the medical center already... Continue Reading →

ASB re-awarded purchase agreement by Premier

American Solutions for Business has been selected by Premier as one of the primary vendors to provide advertising and marketing services to their member organizations, as well as members of Premier’s partner GPOs. ASB announced that it has been re-awarded a three-year group purchasing agreement with Premier, Inc., one of the largest healthcare purchasing alliances... Continue Reading →

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