Catalog Program | Case Study

Client: Large Outdoor Company

Print Solutions | eCommerce Solutions | Marketing Solutions | Promotional Products


A large outdoor company that specializes in hardscape products produces a custom printed catalog spanning 18 regions that give ideas on how to use their products. The company started looking for a printer that not only could provide competitive pricing but also had more than one web press to ensure they could keep up with the scope of the project. They also were looking for a business relationship with a partner that could be innovative and help streamline the process from file transmission, proofing, print products and shipping.


After deciding on a trusted print vendor, they have since printed the 2019, 2020 and 2021 runs of catalogs for the outdoor company. The print vendor had 3 full-size web presses and also specialized in the type of catalogs that the company had been producing – ensuring that this vendor had the redundancy they were looking for and could handle the volume of work quickly and efficiently at a competitive cost. American also streamlined the company’s graphic design production team’s file upload and proofing process by introducing the Kodak Insite proofing system that the print vendor partner had. This allowed each designer to load a completed catalog page to each job as they were building the catalog electronically and see real-time soft proof as they built the catalog. This greatly reduced the file upload stress and proofing time. The print vendor also warehouses the catalogs for shipment later, as the customer needs them. To improve the inventory release process, American build an ACES website that was a custom catalog store for the company to utilize and streamline their post-production ordering.


The continued success of this program has allowed American to expand the scope
of work within the company. Now doing all of the company’s marketing print production and getting involved in much of their promotional products and apparel as well.

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