Virus Screening Stickers | Case Study

Client: Healthcare Organization Solutions: Print Solutions | Promotional Products   Situation: A healthcare organization with 11 medical rehabilitation facilities needed a way to identify patients and staff who had been screened and cleared for COVID-19. Solutions: American worked with the healthcare organization to create custom stickers they could have patients and staff wear to easily... Continue Reading →

Centralization Efforts | Case Study

Client: Rehabilitation Center eCommerce Solutions | Print Solutions | Promotional Products | Reporting Solutions   Situation: A large rehabilitation services company spanning 48 states was going through a major marketing and operational centralization effort to control and streamline the ordering practices of all 2,700 locations. They lacked a brand-specific platform with both functionalities to accommodate... Continue Reading →

Scratch Off Rewards | Case Study

Client: Restuarant Solutions: Marketing Solutions | Print & Document Solutions | Promotional Products Situation: Our customer wanted to show guest appreciation and encourage repeat business for their restaurant. Unlike ordinary reward points or punch cards like many restaurants use, they wanted a unique promotion to get their customers excited to visit. They needed a quick... Continue Reading →

American Solutions for Business Integrates with FAST Platform

American Solutions for Business has integrated their proprietary eCommerce technology (ACES) with FAST Platform, a technology company with a network of 20+ decorators around the country (a list that continues to grow). “This integration with the FAST Platform provides a distributed, nationwide footprint for decorating,” explains Mike Schmitz, ASB’s Senior Director of eCommerce. “This means... Continue Reading →

Salt Shaker | Case Study

Client: Hospital Market: Healthcare Situation: According to the National Institutes of Health, falls are the number one cause of fractures, trauma admissions, loss of independence and death by injury among older adults. During the cold-weather season, many of these accidents are the result of icy steps and walks. The hospital's trauma department wanted to introduce... Continue Reading →

Nurses Week | Promo Ideas to Show Appreciation

American Solutions for Business has been active in selling to the healthcare industry for over 30 years, attending multiple conferences each year to connect with our prospects and customers. While every event is unique, one common message we hear at each is the desire for healthcare professionals to show appreciation to their staff, specifically nurses,... Continue Reading →

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