Centralization Efforts | Case Study

Client: Rehabilitation Center

eCommerce Solutions | Print Solutions | Promotional Products | Reporting Solutions


Situation: A large rehabilitation services company spanning 48 states was going through
a major marketing and operational centralization effort to control and streamline the ordering practices of all 2,700 locations. They lacked a brand-specific platform with both functionalities to accommodate all of their ordering needs as well as manage 5,000 end users on an ongoing basis for their 32 brands. A procurement integration with iValua was required to be selected as the vendor moving forward. In addition, the transition to a new supplier also required a new coding system to be put in place to assist with budgeting spend as well as tracking.

Solution: American met their requirements by assisting in creating a custom and centralized ordering platform. The program required assistance from individuals in Account Management Billing, Business Operations, Application Support, eCommerce, Strategic Operations Support, Customer Service, Inventory and Sales Support to ensure all processes were followed. The result of the program was a robust online store complete with products across numerous categories including promotional products, business stationery, operational forms, patient ID products, flyers, brochures and scrubs.

Success: American provided the customer with a platform to streamline their ordering processes, lock down their branding, and integrate with their procurement system. Following the initial roll-out of the site, the customer requested additions to the site to create further efficiencies in their buying process. The program implemented by American saved the customer over $1.5 million in both hard and soft costs in just one year.

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