ASB Raises $6,100 during Memorial Walk at National Sales Conference

American Solutions for Business hosted an all-abilities memorial walk on Saturday, February 19th at the Championsgate Omni Hotel in Orlando, FL. All proceeds were given to First Church Coral Springs Youth Program. The walk was in honor of late sales associate, Tom Keller. Because Tom taught Sunday School, this program was important to him and his entire family. His children and wife were in attendance for the walk.

“Helping the Youth at the church was his passion,” explained Sales Associate, and wife of Tom Keller, Livi Dalmau Keller. “When I heard about how many people had signed up to walk and saw all the people waiting in their memorial walk shirts in the foggy darkness at 7 am, I knew that Tom would be so proud of everyone. He would also be somewhat embarrassed that a fuss was being made over him.”

Tom was a sales associate with American for 14 years before his passing in November of 2020. He was a recipient of American’s GPO Excellence Award. The event raised $6,100 through registration and donations.

“This event was not only important to the Keller family, but to the whole American family who misses Tom dearly,” expressed Dana Zezzo, ASB’s VP of Marketing, Vendor Relations & Events. “His wife and children have always been proud of the man he was, and his event will create a lasting memory for all.”

A special message from Livi Dalmau Keller:

When Dana originally approached me about doing a walk for Tom, I thought that it would be the perfect tribute. Tom was an overwhelmingly good family man. Tom Perrin would call him a boy scout. He was also a walker, runner, and a one-time marathoner. He was so proud that he did that Marathon for his 50th birthday. He was a health and “active-life” enthusiast. He had been a swimmer in high school and would still talk about how swimming and team work impacted his life.  He always would sign up for the walks at convention and loved to hang with Wayne Martin for those early morning fund raisers.

When I was asked what charity I would like to have the walk be dedicated to again the answer was easy. Tom had been a Sunday School teacher for over 20 years. He was involved in the youth program and, before getting sick, he was going to be a confirmation leader too. He was always dedicated to building the youth program so I knew that the Youth would be where he wanted the donations to go. I looked out and saw faces of his high school friends and coworkers that he has known for 40 years, and even coworkers that he had never met in person.

I saw the Senior Leadership Team all there for him. I saw my friends that drove 4 hours that morning to be there for the race and I saw those that never exercise nor get up before 8AM. I saw my Pastor and his family. I saw my family that came from CA and my kids and puppy and my daughter’s sorority sisters all there for Tom.  I was emotional, happy, sad and proud that all my American Family had gotten together to do something for my Tom. For those that knew Tom well, they also knew that he had a passion for Oreo cookies so before the walk we passed around packages of Oreo’s to toast Tom and his life and his love for family, friends and living.

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One thought on “ASB Raises $6,100 during Memorial Walk at National Sales Conference

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  1. Livi,
    I did not know Tom but can sense he was an incredible caring family man, business professional and committed to his community youth. Such a great tribute to his memory by raising funds for the church program. Having lost my husband to cancer two years ago as well, I can honestly say I understand all your emotions. It was an honor to walk in your husbands memory.
    I hope you and your family find comfort in memory of all he was.

    God bless and may each day be filled with healing thoughts.

    Deb Gelinas


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