ASB Host annual National Sales Conference in Orlando, FL

American Solutions for Business hosted over 525 attendees at their National Sales Conference, which included over 120 exhibiting supplier partners. The conference consisted of a resort day (open golf, pool party, swag show, Owner’s Lounge to celebrate our ESOP culture, and an ASI-hosted late-night party), welcome kickoff, two-day tradeshow, VIP rooms, professional development, supplier and home office workshops, and two charity events that collectively raised over $9,000.

“Being our first in person conference in two years, we were excited but mindful of safety,” explained Founder & CEO of American, Larry Zavadil. “Making sure that everyone was healthy and safe was our top priority, so we took the necessary precautions to ensure a safe environment. This was a great event to celebrate and nurture the growth of ASB.”

The week began with an early morning golf session at the Omni Resort, open to all American Sales Associates and preferred supplier partners. American also premiered a vendor swag show during the conference that featured custom items from various vendors.

Each morning consisted of a sponsored coffee lounge by Ennis and was available every morning of the conference. A newbie reception was hosted as well and gave sales associates an opportunity to connect with each other, share ideas, and network alongside those new to American.

The Professional Development featured nine optional workshops laid out in a create-your-own adventure format, allowing associates to choose which sessions they wanted to attend and when.

“Our team has spent months making sure this was the best conference yet,” expressed Dana Zezzo, ASB’s VP of Marketing, Vendor Relations & Events. “We missed those who weren’t able to be present physically, but we’re so thankful for those who made the trip and participated all week long.”

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