Recruitment Campaign | Case Study


A private school was looking to reinvent its recruitment efforts to target prospective families. The school’s marketing and admissions team were heavily involved in recruitment, and with no in-person open house events or campus tours, they needed a quick and effective solution.


The marketing and admissions team worked with American to develop a campaign that included four groups. Virtual Open House: all students who attended received a custom box filled with a t-shirt, mask, coaster/puzzle and stickers. Acceptance: once a student is accepted into the school, they received a custom mailer bag with a water bottle, frisbee and airpod covers. Enrollment: when a student enrolled, they received a final mailer bag that included a sweatshirt, lanyard and sticker. Current Students: students who were moving from elementary to junior high, and junior high into high school—when they enrolled in the next grade they were shipped a sweatshirt.


The private school was very happy with the results! The quick adaptation to go to a virtual open house experience was significant in reaching prospects, and they were pleased they didn’t have to handle the kitting. They appreciated the simplicity of the process on their end and had clear results!

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