ASB’s Chris Stevens receives heartfelt thanks from customer

In a time of slow production times, accolades from a successful transaction mean the world. Recently, American Solutions for Business sales associate Chris Stevens experienced that exact feeling of accomplishment.

After completing 15 years in tourism making and selling to beaches across the United States, Stevens realized he was much more useful in a position where he could effectively ask questions. When he joined American in 2017, that’s exactly what he did. Those burning questions resulted in his most recent victory with a customer.

After being referred to Chris by a different representative, Kinetic Catamarans quickly saw why he came highly recommended. Posting accolades about his wonderful work on social media, Kinetic Catamarans added an element of their appreciation by promoting him on a public platform. “Chris was referred to me a few years ago and has exceeded my expectations time and time again through various shows around the country – never once letting us down or missing a deadline,” explained Sonja Thorsvik, Founder & CEO of marketing company, Monkey Fist Company. “Even in the craziest of global shipping nightmare times, a pandemic, and I’m pretty sure a few hair pulling moments on both our ends; whatever was happening in our own lives, Chris has treated us like VIPs and made it happen, no matter what.”

Chris was honored by the opportunity to represent a happy client and was encouraged by the kind words. “When someone takes the time to say thank you for the work you’ve done, it’s very humbling and makes you proud,” expressed Chris.

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