SITUATION: A hospital’s critical care rehabilitation division was having a difficult time with an effective, on-brand, cohesive buy-in program to recognize their employees. These types of hospitals were high-stress as the majority of their patients were senior and long-term. Keeping staff motivated and recognized is key. Since there were over 100 hospitals in this division, the hospital was intimidated by the mass of the project and hopes for long-term success for an effective program that would span across all locations.

SOLUTIONS: American worked with the hospital’s corporate office to create a program where not only could the staff recognize peers but families and patients could recognize team members as well. American put together a kitted box and an eCommerce store where hospitals could replenish individual items were needed.

SUCESS: This program became such a success that after two years it is still an ongoing program. Staff members, patients and their families loved that they were able to give recognition to employees. This recognition amongst the hospitals increased employees’ spirit and created a stronger bond between staff members, patients and families.

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