Healthcare Services | Case Study

Client: Healthcare Facility

Market: Healthcare

Situation: A healthcare facility was looking for an online store where its 25+ locations could purchase promotional products and apparel on-demand. Their current service provider was unable to provide this service, leaving the client with no means to achieve this.

Solution: The client attended an annual GPO conference where they were impressed with both the customer service and giveaways presented at the American booth. Later, they reached out requesting a formal presentation on what America could provide for them through their GPO contract. After a successful eCommerce demonstration. the client decided to move forward with American’s solutions.

Success: Shortly after the meeting, American created a personalized ACES website that provided on-demand apparel, promotional products and several print options. Since the launch of the website, American has done over $150,000 in sales and shown the ability to grow with the organization, which has doubled in size and locations.

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