ASB Sales Associate, Kevin Becker, Achieves Record Year

American Solutions for Business sales associate, Kevin Becker, achieved a record year in sales, increasing by 53% in the last fiscal year. Becker has been with American since 2018.

“Our two main goals for 2023 are to continue to provide creative solutions for my current and new clients, and to find more efficiencies in our processes,” explained Becker.

Becker’s goals remain attainable and can be attributed to the work he’s already put into utilizing the tools he has, including his hunger for achieving high feats in his business.

For Kevin, it’s all about taking care of his customers. He listens to his customers’ needs and comes up creative solutions to make their lives easier. Kevin is strong in all product categories including print, branded merchandise, packaging, direct mail and eCommerce. Depending on his customer’s needs, Kevin follows through and finds just the right solution.

Kevin doesn’t just focus on one vertical market. He has customers in many different industries including retail, manufacturing, construction, wholesale distribution, automotive and other services. Kevin has a lot of self-drive but is not narrow minded. He taps into ASB’s wide breadth of tools and resources including vertical market subject matter experts, marketing and prospecting tools, and holds business development sessions with VP of Regional Sales, Bori Ly.

Ly has known Kevin for many years. Their relationship dates back to 2018 when Ly was on the supplier side and worked with Kevin on many different projects. They have a mutual respect and enjoy helping one another succeed. “Kevin isn’t one to just wait for opportunities to fall into his lap,” explained Ly. “He taps into all of the internal resources, his peers and industry professionals so that he is always learning and growing.”  

Kevin also utilizes ASB’s award-winning SpecConnect program. This is a wonderful resource where ASB sales associates partner with suppliers to redeem credits for branded specs to be provided to key prospects. As they say in the business: specs write checks! Kevin has received multiple orders because of ASB programs like these.

Kevin has achieved a record year doing what he loves – caring for his customers. Is Kevin slowing down any time soon? No way! We have no doubt Kevin will achieve his goals and more.

Not only do your customers love you, but so does the entire American Family who enjoys working with you every single day. Congratulations on your record-breaking year!

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