Welcome Kit | Case Study

Client: Large Beverage Company

Custom Branded Box | Branded Merchandise


ICEE Corporation, the cold-drink maker, was struggling to find employees, like most
businesses in the current market. ICEE found that attrition starts the day the new employee is hired, with a substantial number of new hires failing to show up for their first day of work. ICEE was looking for an innovative solution to help retain new employees.


ICEE Corporation and American Solutions for Business worked together to create a “Welcome Kit” that will be shipped to new hires. American and ICEE found several items for the welcome kit and designed a shipper box with inviting artwork. Once packed together, the welcome kit provided an unexpectedly inviting and inspiring message to the new hires.


American Solutions for Business can provide your company with custom welcome kits as well as fulfillment for new employees for an affordable fee. American has a wide variety of items that fit nicely in the kit and we can tailor them to the employee level. The customization advantage allows for varied kits to fit each employee.

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