ASB donates $1,500 and necessities to local nonprofit, Someplace Safe

American Solutions for Business donated monetary and physical items to local 501c3 organization, Someplace Safe of Pope County. Donated items were collected throughout the month of October, and a $1,500 check was presented to Crime Victim Advocate, Jenna Kettner.

“We are so incredibly grateful for this donation,” expressed Kettner. “We have loved working with ASB and hope to continue the relationship for years to come.”

Someplace Safe serves victims and survivors of crime in West Central Minnesota, as those families navigate the social, emotional and economic impacts they face. They also serve families through their parenting time centers. These services include safe exchanges, supervised parenting time, phone calls and Skype, contact exchanges and scheduling.

“Domestic Violence Awareness Month was the perfect opportunity to give to this organization,” explained Founder and CEO of American, Larry Zavadil. “We take the time to remember those we’ve lost to domestic violence and hope this donation will help those fighting to get out of those relationships.”

In addition to the $1,500 raised, 6 boxes of items were also donated, including various gift cards, baby items, cleaning products and birthday party supplies.

Larry Zavadil & Jenna Kettner with some of the items donated

To learn more about American Solutions for Business, visit

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