arX Display & American Solutions for Business

Quick history: arX Display is a division of ASB, focusing on the design, fabrication and implementation of custom retail fixture and display programs for larger regional and national retailers and retail brands. arX began as American Retail in 2014 and rebranded to arX Display in 2017. We work with ASB reps and we also work directly with our own clients.

Our projects range from in-store graphics/communication programs to powered interactive displays and with each of our projects, we are touching hundreds, and often thousands of locations. arX focuses on medium to large programs with project sizes ranging between $50,000 and $5,000,000.

Our clients range from big box home improvement to dollar stores, to apparel retailers to the outdoors industry to high-end cosmetics brands. We effectively service permanent display programs across the retail spectrum.

We identify our client’s specific needs and objectives and develop custom in-store vehicles that deliver on those defined goals. Our programs build brand equity and sell more products and are essential marketing tools for our client-partners. Because we deliver on our promise of creating value, virtually all our clients reward us with ongoing business.   

If you have a client with display needs or a prospect where a display conversation can help you open the door, we encourage you to reach out. Some of your colleagues who we partner with today include Tim O’Brian, Jay Harman, Livi Dalmau, Fant Smith, Cathy Armando and others.

Don’t know where to get started? As we say at arX… Let’s have a conversation!

arX Team:

To learn more about American Solutions for Business, visit

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