ASB Sales Associate, Rod Kuncaitis, has Record Breaking Year

Rod Kuncaitis has been with ASB since 1993 and he is in no way slowing down. With customers in a wide variety of industries, Rod is able to adjust and evolve as his customers’ needs change. Serving customers in insurance, retail, medical religious/non-profit, education and manufacturing markets, Rod has pretty much seen it all. He started his career selling print and has expanded to include everything from branded merch to office products, PPE, kitting, signage and so much more. After 29 years, Rod breaks his own record and has his best year ever, qualifying for our recent Sales Summit in Chicago, IL.

Rod isn’t one to just sit around and wait for things to happen. He has a creative mind and is always looking for new ideas and approaches to take to his customers. He also understands that different people like to buy different ways and adapts his style based on the customer and buyer. Some want face-to-face calls, others want to send a quick text, and others want to utilize ASB’s eCommerce platform to place their orders. For, Rod, he just enjoys helping his customers and will meet them exactly where they are.

Rod is a forward thinker and pushes for progress. If ASB is not set up to do exactly what his customer needs, he navigates nicely within the organization to make things happen. Not only is he looking out for his customers, but also the growth and future of all of ASB’s 600 sales associates and their customers.

Rod recently hosted an end user show right in his neck of the woods in Traverse City, Michigan. Nearly 30 people attended, including long standing customers, new customers and brand-new prospects. He also recently scheduled a visit with one of his customers to ASB’s home office in Glenwood, MN. He spent several days taking his key contacts to visit supplier facilities, tour ASB’s new state-of-the art warehouse facility, meeting day-to-day contacts within the organization and also showed them the highlights of Minnesota. Not only was the trip productive, Rod’s customer contacts are already asking when they can come back!

High five to Rod Kuncaitis for taking care of the entire ASB family with your words and actions. Not only do your customers love you, but so do our suppliers, home office staff and sales associates across the nation. Congrats on your record-breaking year!  

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