Many Hands Make Light Work

With labor shortages, many companies are finding they no longer have the resources to handle certain tasks and projects in-house. This is a perfect time to look to American Solutions for Business to handle these additional services as part of our total solution offering.

A few questions to consider:

Q: Are you handling your statement processing internally?

Solution: Look to outsource this to ASB. Whether it’s e-Solutions, transactional mail or direct mail, we’re here to help.

Q: Are you handling direct mail programs internally – ordering components from vendors and handling all of the data work, list processing, folding, stuffing, sorting and addressing internally?

Solution: ASB can help every step of the way. Also, consider lumpy mail. Not only can we provide the kitting and fulfillment, we can supply everything from the packaging, filler, print components and of course, branded merch people love.

Q: Having supply chain issues with getting printed products or branded merch?

Solution:  With a national presence and significant buying power, ASB has many resources to find print and branded merch. Seldom do we have supply chain shortages or product not available. Lead times may be a little longer but product is generally available. 

Q: Are you running your own print center?

Solution: Look to ASB to help with everything print. We will work together to determine items to warehouse (if any) and pieces to be printed on-demand as needed. Our eCommerce platform facilitates on-demand variable print flawlessly.  

Q: Are you bringing print and branded merch into your facility and then handling the storage, kitting and distribution internally?

Solution: ASB will not only supply the product, but we can facilitate the storage and fulfillment for you. Check out our state-of-the-art distribution center below:  

Q: Is your Human Resource department running their own recruiting, engagement, wellness, loyalty and incentive programs?

Solution: ASB can help in this area as well. We’ll work with you to build programs for job fairs, new hires, incentive programs, milestones, gift giving, points programs and so much more. Check out our H/R flipbook here.

Now is the perfect time to have some deeper conversations around the topics outlined above. We realize resources are limited and just because you’ve handled these tasks and projects in-house in the past, doesn’t mean it makes sense to moving forward.    

Many hands make light work. With ASB’s strong supply chain partners, eCommerce platform and warehousing & distribution solutions, you are in excellent hands from idea conception all the way through to completion.

To learn more about American Solutions for Business, visit

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