ASB Senior Leadership Members Receive DEI Certification

American Solutions for Business is proud of the Senior Leadership Team members that recently achieved the important feat of receiving their DEI certification through Stanford School of Business. As they reflect back on their time enrolled in the course, they each expressed their experience.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the DEI course through Stanford. It opened my eyes to areas I’d like to improve upon in both my personal and professional life. Our team goal is to keep diversity, equity, and inclusion top of mind in every interaction we make, every RFP we submit, every presentation we facilitate, every eCommerce site we build, and every hiring decision we make. ASB is known for our unique culture, and building awareness in everything we do will only make us stronger.”
Amy Spychalla, VP of SOS
“The weeks we spent completing this course were eye-opening. The values we hold at American have always put our employees and their wellbeing first, and now we can ensure that we’re doing that on every level.”
Justin Zavadil, President of American
“As we continue to work on the Employee Experience initiatives at ASB, the Stanford University training was a great program to reinforce how important it is to be cognizant of how each employee in our organization brings a unique set of skills and experiences to work every day. Utilizing this extensive knowledge, experience, and perspectives in an inclusive way, is how we continue to move our organization forward.”
Sarah Louden, VP of Human Resources
“The DEI training brought forward interesting alternative perspectives on key tools we use often.  For example, job descriptions can have a masculine or feminine bias depending upon the language used in composing them.”
Mike Pfeiffer, VP of Technology
“One of my favorite parts of this course was being able to have conversations with my fellow leadership members about the topics we worked on. We talked about how DEI impacted us and how we can impact it in our organization. I’ll forever be grateful for those conversations.”
Dana Zezzo, VP of Marketing, Vendor Relations & Events
“The DEI certification course work was an eye opener to previously invisible roadblocks. By teaching us different ways to see situations through the eyes of others, the methods and lessons learn will be extremely valuable not only to the evolution of my personal leadership style but also our organization.  I look forward to the positive impact this experience will have on daily interactions and decision making.”
Miriah Cassidy, VP of Operations
“This was a great learning experience. It really opened my eyes quite bit to diversity issues, as well as tools that are available to help us in the future.”
Bill Finley, VP of Finance

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