Fall Fundraisers and the Branding Behind Them

Fall means several things for schools. For many it’s getting students back into routines, introducing new faculty, and making sure everyone stays safe. However, autumn is traditionally the time for school fundraisers. From physical activities, to fine arts, American Solutions for Business will help you promote and increase your fundraising efforts.

School Functions

When student groups and parent booster clubs raise money during events, consider using your school colors on a table runner or canopy. Putting a sandwich board near the booth also invites visitors. Have someone move through the crowd offering 50/50 drawings or “Chuck-a-Puck” during hockey games. Put that person in a brightly colored flag backpack. These items will make the fundraisers stand out in the crowd.


Going door to door selling can be intimidating, especially for elementary students. One group found big success using custom signage. When they knocked, they introduced themselves and communicated why they were there. They held a sign with all their products and details about the plans for the money. This worked for several reasons: If the student got tongue tied, they could still show what they were selling, and it aided with social distancing, allowing them to communicate wearing masks and through screen doors. The youth group ended up with record sales that year.

Incentivize the Sellers

There are two main reasons that drive families to help raise money for your cause: school budgets and prizes. Parents and guardians understand that if the group doesn’t raise the money, they will feel obligated to help with those costs in addition to what they’ve already paid. By giving students prizes as incentives, it encourages them to sell more. Find big ticket items and aim for weekly or daily branded prizes for top sellers. Putting your logo on plush animals, drinkware, or flashlights can be great incentives. Organizations sometimes have better luck with students competing for weekly items vs. the target prize.

American Solutions for Business and our team of education experts can help promote your fundraising opportunities. We know that we only succeed when you and your organization succeed.

To learn more about American Solutions for Business, visit http://www.americanbus.com

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