A Unique Story | Case Study

Client: Commercial Real Estate Agency

Promotional Products | Marketing Solutions


A commercial real estate agency was building a new upscale apartment complex. They wanted to make an announcement to city officials and give thanks to people who assisted in making the project a reality. The Director of Marketing and Branding wanted something that would make a statement and leave a lasting impression.


American gifted the Director of Marketing and Branding a unique promotional idea of a customized etched bottle of champagne. The agency was so impressed with the quality and memorable aesthetic that they decided this was the piece they wanted to give out at their new project unveiling! American provided 48 personalized bottles, plus 96 etched wine glasses and several euro-styled double wine bags to add to the gift.


The agency was so pleased with how perfectly the items fit their event that this resulted in a strengthened relationship with American. American continues to provide solutions for any promotion and event this agency needs.

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