Client: Gas Utility Company

Print Solutions | Kitting & Fulfillment

Situation: A gas utility company was left hanging when their current provider discontinued services for their annual kitting project of 25,000 kits, falling 6,000 short of what was needed. American was currently providing items within the kit such as brochures, tags and clear plastic door hanger bags. In a panic, the customer reached out to American requesting kitting and fulfillment services for their remaining needs. Eager to help a long-time customer, American accepted the rush order and began making arrangements to get all components to American’s Columbus, OH warehouse and kitting center.

Solution: After getting approval to proceed, all components were received 3 days later and already had roughly 3,000 kits done in 2 days and another 1,000 the next day to address the immediate needs of the customer. American shipped out the balance in 5 days to the great delight of the customer.

Success: American was able to satisfy the customer’s needs along with exceeding their timeframe expectations causing them no downtime on this project!

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