Client: Finance of America Mortgage

eCommerce Solutions | Promotional Products | Kitting & Fulfillment | Reporting Solutions


Finance of America Mortgage (FAM) had been using a supplier for their associate store for some time but became unhappy with the experience and services they were receiving. With more than 4,000 financial advisors and other team members, they required a supplier who could handle their online sales volume and keep up with the growth of the company. In addition, they needed a wide range of products such as closing gifts, event giveaways and brand awareness items as well as apparel, bags, tech products and drinkware for personal use. FAM also wanted to reduce their current inventory as much as possible while offering updated items and apparel styles — including name brands. American presented their promotional products, apparel choices and services to FAM and was rewarded with the partnership opportunity! American started building a website immediately, with the goal to launch right after the holidays.


With the primary goal being inventory reduction, the ASB team got to work on finding the same or similar items that were available on-demand at a reduced quantity and launched FAM’s eCommerce site. After selling through current stock levels, the online offerings eventually switched over to on-demand items that were comparable in price while offering desirable brands such as Yeti, The North Face, Nike and Cutter & Buck. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, sales grew steadily and the ASB team provided motivational work-at-home solutions for remote workers as well as drop-shipped kits for their annual (turned virtual) sales rally. Another feature of the eCommerce site is the availability of gift codes which are now frequently used team-building incentives and provide opportunities to donate to FAM’s non-profit sector with the purchase of some items.


With a dedicated sales team, ASB continues to improve the scale of warehousing services needed for kitting and item offers without requiring FAM to increase inventory levels. The infrastructure of the eCommerce website also continues to strengthen as traffic and activity increase online. Weekly collaboration with FAM allows the team to review together new and exciting products, set proper expectations, meet goals, instill trust and grow into other areas of business. This helps keep FAM regularly informed of ordering trends and supplier challenges to help prepare for changes and enhancements to their offering. These efforts along with FAM’s ongoing internal communications to promote the site and build excitement has exceeded all expectations — making FAM one of ASB’s top-performing customers in the financial vertical.

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