American Solutions for Business Establishes Exclusive Partnership with Social HP

American Solutions for Business has recently established an exclusive industry partnership with Social HP, a social media management platform allowing ASB sales associates to easily schedule and automate their social media content strategy.

The technology provides easy scheduling, monitoring and powerful analytics. ASB sales associates can manage their own detailed strategy or opt for an ASB team member to schedule their content.

“Our teams are proud to execute a project with so much positive impact for our sales associates,” explained Mike Pfeiffer, ASB’s VP of Technology. “With growing need for digital (which was certainly accelerated by the pandemic), providing a platform to help streamline, manage and simplify social media planning is a gamechanger.” 

The platform is one element of ASB’s company-wide Going Social™ initiative to stimulate social media activity and adoption. The team is committed to providing the education and resources to lead the charge in technology, marketing and communications.

“We are excited to partner with ASB and to support their clients in their unique and innovative structure,” said Brad Dickinson, Co-Founder of SocialHP.

To learn more about American Solutions for Business, visit

About SocialHP
SocialHP is the corporate oriented vertical that allows medium to large scale businesses to leverage the social media presence of their entire workforce for either digital branding or direct sales purposes. Streamlining the social media status updates of employees, from a corporate top-down approach, allowing for a consistent messaging across the entire team.

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