Education Market: Preparing for the New Year

The New Year is here and school is once again in session. The fall semester was anything but usual, and the combination of in person and at home learning left schools needing different supplies to operate efficiently and safely. With the first half of the school year behind us, now is the perfect time to see how the fall semester affected your supply of distance learning and PPE supplies. American Solutions for Business can help you kick off 2021 by replenishing learning necessities to ensure your students and staff stay connected and safe.

As fall approached, universities and school districts saw a high demand for PPE items like masks, sanitizer, cleaning supplies, desk barriers, signage and other necessities. This trend is continuing into the spring, and while many schools had thorough plans for the supplies they would need, it was the unexpected that hit them. 

Schools began to see an increase in students forgetting masks at home, causing higher than expected school-issued disposable mask use. With some students transitioning from at home learning to in person learning, hand sanitizer use increased, leaving schools looking for a steady supply chain for sanitizing stations, personal-size hand sanitizers and larger sanitizer bottles for their buildings. The shift to in person learning also created an additional need for protective desk barriers, social distance stickers and signage within campus buildings.

For students still studying at home, the increased need for school supplies has left some school districts needing distance learning kits with items like notebooks, pencils and highlighters. Remind your students that you care by adding blue light blocking glasses or a branded school spirit item.

No matter what challenges you faced this fall, the American team has the resources to get your learning supplies back on track. Contact your American sales associate today to stay ahead of the curve. Don’t have one? Click here to find one near you!

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