Healthcare Market: Perfecting your Pop-Up Vaccine Clinic Presence

With the continual rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine, many healthcare workers, long term care residents, emergency personnel and other high-risk groups are well underway in getting their first and second rounds of the vaccine. As we look ahead through Q1 and the rest of 2021, we will start to see vaccinations to the general public. With this increase, we will not only experience a higher demand in appointments at healthcare clinics, but we’ll also see pop-up vaccination clinics at local pharmacies, government buildings, retail stores, educational institutions and even churches.

As you start to prepare for pop-up vaccination clinics at your locations, it’s important to bring awareness to the pop-up clinic and keep the patients in mind. Though the patient flow and experience will be slightly different than in a traditional clinic setting, patient satisfaction and confidence will be key. American Solutions for Business can assist with items to ensure that patients have a smooth and seamless experience.

Before the event, advertise the clinic with posters around town and postcards to notify individuals of details like where, when and how the clinic will work. You may even want to implement a scheduling system to assist patients in easily scheduling appointments for themselves and their families directly from your website or social media. During the vaccine clinic, make sure your clinic site includes clear signage in the building entrances and parking areas, communicating any safety requirements and screening policies that are in place. This can be done through outdoor banners, A frame signage, corrugated yard signs and parking lot signage.

Once inside the pop-up clinic, including a visible check-in station will make patients feel welcome and avoid uncertainty in where they need to go. Retractable banner stands, tablecloths, social distancing stickers and traffic flow floor decals are great ways to keep people informed throughout the check-in process. This is also a great time to provide flyers to communicate vaccine details, benefits and possible side effects.

After the patient checks in, you can turn your focus to the actual vaccination station and post-vaccination monitoring sites within your facility. Since many clinics will be pop-ups located outside of a normal clinic setting, privacy and safety of care will be paramount. Ensure that the patient’s privacy is protected by utilizing fabric partitions for separation between stations. You can also use seat decals to ensure patients are socially distanced for post-vaccination monitoring. Once the patient has successfully been vaccinated and monitored, you can provide “I got my shot” stickers and vaccination record cards indicating that the vaccine has been administered, the date and manufacturer, along with other required information. You may even want to include other health and hygiene items like small hand sanitizers, mints, lip balms and more. Need more product ideas? Click here to access our COVID-19 Vaccination flipbook. 

As you start to prepare for the vaccination clinics that will be taking place in the next several months, reach out to your American sales associate for more information on the perfect products to ensure a safe and smooth experience for workers and patients alike. Don’t currently have an American sales associate? Click here to find one in your area.

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