Roofing Company | Case Study

Client: Roofing Company

Market: Construction

Situation: Our customer was looking for a way to promote their roofing product while creating brand awareness and recognition. With those goals in mind, we were able to create a concept for their roofing product with the word “gorilla” in its name.

Solution: American helped the customer come up with a fun, promotional stuffed gorilla that played off the roofing product’s name. Sporting an imprinted t-shirt, these 20-inch stuffed gorillas were a hit with customers and employees. “Roofus” not only made people smile but created additional brand exposure for the company and its products.

Success: “Gorilla” marketing at its best! This success proves that a creative idea can go a long way toward developing a strong brand identity. With the excitement surrounding this giveaway, these gorillas will continue to make their way into the hands and hearts of potential customers for years to come.

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