YouTube Solutions | Case Study

Client: Established YouTube Channel

Market: eCommerce Solutions


A popular YouTube channel became a common name throughout the agricultural world. After many videos of farming and time-lapse restoration, the channel has grown to over 170,000 subscribers causing a large spike in the customer’s merchandise sales. Fulfilling orders started to become a full-time job with limited power to fulfill them.


American launched an on-demand eCommerce website for the most popular merchandise items the customers were already selling, with intentions on adding new items and specials during holidays. The eCommerce platform also collected data and triggered a monthly rebate with corresponding reports detailing each order.


The eCommerce website allowed the YouTuber to focus more time on farming and creating videos for their growing YouTube presence. They were thrilled that they now have the resources to grow their offering without having to invest in a warehouse full of inventory or hire additional employees. In the first few weeks of going live, orders shipping to many corners of the world including South Africa, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, UK and Germany.

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