The Impact of Personalization on Financial Literacy

No doubt, you’ve seen plenty of research sharing how much of an impact you can have with customers and members by personalizing their experiences with your bank or credit union.

But what if it’s more than just a handwritten note or using their first name in an email subject line? What if you could offer them financial resources and savings specific to their needs?

The coming months are an ideal time for you to serve your constituents by teaching them more about understanding their finances. With March being National Credit Education Month and April being National Financial Literacy Month, you have prime opportunities to customize events, courses, and special offers that help customers and members with their short and long-term needs while educating them on fiscal responsibility as well.

Even better, American Solutions for Business can help you identify website visitors who are looking to you for answers. Just by their own research and touchpoints on your site, you can customize communications with them – without those annoying banner ads that are now all too familiar to us.

Here’s some interesting insight:

  • 97% of consumers who have a need will first go online to research.
  • Consumers will search 5-12 websites before they make a purchase commitment.
  • 96% of website visitors elect to remain anonymous but they are in market to purchase.

As a financial institution looking to grow your assets, don’t you want to develop a one-to-one relationship with these prospects? American Solutions for Business can offer you real tools to identify leads and customers that enter your bank or credit union physically or online, visit a competitor or attend an event. From there, we can even help you engage online and offline with them and begin the relationships you are seeking.

And to assist you with your own literacy of this ever-changing world of communications, we’ll teach you what “geo-framing” means. (Hint: it doesn’t involve any kind of app.)

Reminder: Communicating your gratitude to your customers and members and helping them learn financial responsibility is important all year long – and American Solutions for Business can help your bank or credit union find the perfect way to express your specific message.

If you’re ready to kick off your own efforts for financial literacy, let’s start the conversation. Our solutions are fully customizable, and our team is excited to help you.

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