ASB Associate Awarded for Exceptional Service

American Solutions for Business Sales Associate, Jay Lewis, was recently honored with an award from his customer, Turn It Gold, for his dedicated service to them over the years. Jay’s customer, Michelle Payne, Director of Marketing for the organization that works to raise awareness and funds for research for childhood cancer, helped to present this award.

Since its early stages, Jay has provided them with products and services to help publicize their brand message across the nation to fund research. He began providing tshirts, flags, patches and wristbands for the organization, and since then has introduced custom awards. The award design was very important to the Turn It Gold organization. The “Bravery Medals, Crystal Brave Life Honors and Bold Awards ” are special awards that Jay and Michelle designed together. The design phase and wording were so critical, as these awards would be handed out to such precious children. These Bravery Medals, designed to look like olympic gold medals, are awarded to children who have fought hard against cancer. The Crystal Life Honors are given to families who have a child that have lost their battle with cancer and the Bold awards are given to individuals or organizations that have been Bold in their dedication in the fight against childhood cancer.

Jay Lewis Bold 3.jpgJay has hand delivered every medal and Bold Award to an engraver and back in the hands of Turn it Gold to present to these precious children and their families all over the nation. For the last 3 years, The Scripps College of Communication at Ohio University Storytelling Institute has been filming a documentary by following the journey of Turn It Gold as they work to turn the nation gold for childhood cancer. At the Houston debut for this film, it was only fitting that Michelle surprised Jay with a Bold Award of his own, the very ones he had helped to design and engrave for so many others over the years. The same evening, Jay got to witness one of the Bravery Medals that he engraved being put around the neck of a young leukemia survivor, while surrounded by his family on stage.

Cancer Survivors exchanging bravery medal2.jpg“Even in a pinch, Jay has always come through for us,” says Michelle. “On a 48-hour turn, Jay is on it. He’s been phenomenal to work with. Jay truly cares about our cause and always does the right thing. He is a remarkable man of faith, honor and integrity. Even through the tragedies and health issues in his own family, he has never stopped supporting us and we wanted him to know how grateful we are for his dedicated service to our cause!”

Jay Lewis Bold Award
Turn It Gold co-founders Mike & Angela Dina, parents of a neuroblastoma survivor, along with Michelle Payne congratulates Jay on his dedication.

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