American Gives Back to Local School

As many may know, the headquarters of American Solutions for Business is located in a small, laketown community. Naturally, as one of the largest employers in this little community, we strive to always give back to area organizations and schools.

When it was time for our offices to update our computer monitors, we took the opportunity to donate them rather than resell. As a result, we donated 50 monitors to Minnewaska Area High School to help complete their new Applied Technology Computer Lab. This year, the school purchased 25 new computers to run a new Solidworks (CAD) program to support student design and graphics for the metals and wood shop areas.

American’s IT team helped Principal Cory Larson load 50 monitors into his truck for transportation to the school. Pictured: Nick Drever, Cory Larson, Nate Disrud, Dean Schwendeman and Mike Pfeiffer

“Our goal is to increase programming and student interest within our Applied Technology Areas,” explained Cory Larson, principal of MAHS. “This started a few years ago with regular monthly meetings talking about how we can improve our facility and programming to grow programming in our metals and woods (Vocational) areas. In addition, we are looking for growing all applied tech areas/electives including medical, agriculture, culinary, woods and more.”

This past year, MAHS supported $30,000 worth of facility improvements and another $20,000 to support new equipment through a tech levy through the State of MN. An additional $20,000 has been raised thus far from area business and industry to support new and updated equipment.

“We’re fortunate to have area communities care about growing these programs and see a benefit to their own organizations as well if we can raise student interest and keep them here following graduation,” said Larson.

Principal Cory Larson with the donated computer monitors

Many of our employees or their children have attended Minnewaska Area High School and are deeply active in the academics, sports and extracurricular activities facilitated there. “American Solutions for Business is incredibly proud to partner with MAHS to positively impact our community,” adds founder and CEO, Larry Zavadil. “We owe so much to our local school system and will do everything we can to keep it thriving.”

To learn more about American Solutions for Business, click HERE to visit our website.

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