3 Promo Products for Snowy Weather!

As summer fades into fall, it’s time to start thinking ahead to your winter automotive marketing plans. Preparing for the seasonal changes and deciding what winter promo products to include in your marketing plan will set you apart from your competition. Here are 3 perfect winter promotions to get you started on developing your winter marketing plan.

Fold down ice scraper with frizzy bag – This must-have winter accessory extends for extra reaching and detaches for easy storage. The microfiber bag can also be used for cleaning your dashboard or windows and is machine washable.

ice scraper.jpg

Hoppy Bear Claw Scraper – This item is simple and perfectly priced to be a great handout item for customers and potential customers. It’s likely to stay in your customer’s vehicle year round boosting the impression power!

Chopper Mittens – Full grain cowhide keeps the wind and snow out and 100% polyester lining provides extra warmth to these durable mittens. Customers will be happy to have warm, toasty fingers in the cold winter months!

American has special pricing on the three perfect winter promotions above. Talk to your ASB sales associate today about these and other great winter promotional items. To find your local associate, click here.

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