Document Security – Ensuring you’re protected


As technology continues to rapidly advance, so must our security efforts. Although much of our information is digital, there’s still a staggering amount of data being shared via print. American Solutions for Business has thousands of clients, and keeping them safe will always be a top priority. That’s why we work closely with print security experts to ensure that we are providing state-of-the-art products and technology.

One of our top print security consultants is Tony Orsello, General Manager of Northstar in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota and General Manager of Ennis Princeton in Princeton, Illinois. He’s been in the industry for 28 years and works closely with local government, the FBI and the United States Secret Service to confirm the latest security practices are being upheld in our industry.


“Security is important in printed items because fraud continues to be a billion dollar industry. The bad guys continue to find ways to alter, duplicate and even clone documents because there is money in it. In some cases it’s about identity or breeder documents which are used for travel documents that can and have been used within terror groups.

Protecting documents needs to be done taking a layered approach, meaning there isn’t just one bulletproof security feature that can be used to protect a document. Depending on the document a person is attempting to protect, several features need to be considered. In short, the bad guys don’t want to work hard so they tend to pick on weak targets. Therefore, if a document has layers of security built into it, the bad guys often won’t bother with it.

I would certainly stress the need to understand how the document is going to be used and what type of fraud the end user is experiencing. From there, we can make an informed decision on the necessary security features that can help protect the personal data.”

Being at the forefront of security prevention, Tony always has a sneak peek at what’s next in this industry.

  • Document design – “We’re starting to use more intricate boarders and backgrounds, which are more difficult to duplicate on copiers and scanners.
  • Change in the substrate – “People are moving away from intaglio printing (engraved/textured printing) to having a secure thread embedded into the paper, very similar to our US currency.”
  • Using more covert security features – “We use special techniques that aren’t visible to the naked eye, but with the use of a black light for example, a hidden message will appear that authenticate a document. We are also in the beginning stages of developing the use of QR codes to help track and trace documents.”

To learn more about document security, contact your American sales representative or find one near you

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