Beverage Company – Success Story


CLIENT: Beverage Company

MARKET: Retail

SITUATION: Our customer switched to Zebra RW420 printers, which is a mobile printer that required different paper rolls than previously used.

SOLUTION: American got to work on the specs for their new printers. After testing various degrees of thickness and quality, we found the right product for the customer’s new equipment. When providing the sample of thermal paper for the customer to approve, we created a proof with their logo printed on one side. They loved the idea of having a branded roll rather than blank.

SUCCESS: As a commitment to serving our customers, we’re happy to adapt with their changing needs. As the beverage company’s employees needed to become more mobile, we wanted to ensure that their branding would go with them. By printing their logo on one side of the paper, the product transformed from a commodity to an extension of their marketing efforts. The customer experienced a seamless transition and American took the opportunity to further enhance the beverage company’s publicity.

AMERICAN SOLUTIONS: Print & Document Solutions and Marketing Solutions

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