5 Gift Ideas for Your Technicians!


Automotive technicians are some of the most hard working folks in a dealership. Their daily tasks are labor intensive and require vast knowledge and mechanical inclination. Finding and keeping great technicians is very important to any dealership. One of the most effective ways to retain your employees is to show them how appreciated and vital they are though a gifting or rewards program.

At American Solutions for Business, we offer an endless variety of gift ideas for your valued employee. Here are some great gifts for your automotive technicians:

1. Rox Box Cyclone Bluetooth Speaker – This small, water resistant speak packs BIG sound with Bluetooth connectivity. It’s the perfect item for technicians to use while working on vehicles at work, while outdoors at home, or out on the boat. It comes equipped with a handy clip in 4 colors and can be imprinted with your dealership logo.


2. Magnet LED Work Light – This will be a handy tool for your technician at work or at home. Includes a 36 LED Filled work light with an output of 160 lumens and a .5 watt flashlight on the top. Available in red, grey, and blue.

3. 5 Piece Deluxe BBQ Set – There aren’t many people who don’t enjoy a good barbecue! Elevate that experience even more with this stainless steel set. Your dealership logo can be engraved or place a “years of service” recognition message on the front of the case to show your appreciation and acknowledgement of their commitment.
4. Bamboo Cheese Serving Set – Some technicians enjoy the finer things in life when they aren’t repairing vehicles. For those individuals, we have this great cheese serving set, perfect for entertaining friends and family.

Cheese Serving Set.jpg

5. Picnic Backpack – With this handy 4 person picnic backpack, they can enjoy the outdoors for lunch or in their free time. It comes complete with a picnic blanket, flatware and dishes all secured snugly in its place.


There are many great gifts to choose from to reward your hard working employees. To find out more and learn about using our convenient eCommerce platform to facilitate your employee gift program, talk to your ASB sales associate today! To find your local associate, click here.

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