Patient Boards-Improving Healthcare Communication


As the healthcare industry continues to grow, our industry must do everything we can to accommodate and anticipate these changes. Technology and communication continue to become increasingly vital in this market, making patient boards a powerful tool in healthcare facilities.

Patient room boards are a communication tool for patients, families and caregivers to discuss care plans, and generally include sections for caregiver names, phone numbers, goals, pain management and discharge information. VividBoard Account Manager, Paula Morris, has been with the company for 6 years and has seen this transition unfold.

“Boards that feature changeable content are increasing in popularity,” explains Paula, “Our InHarmony Changeable Glassboards combines the permanence of a traditional graphic dry erase board with a removable messaging insert that can be updated whenever needed. When I started with Vividboard, everyone wanted the traditional custom dry erase board.  Now they want options—glass, changeability, frameless-to match their interior and their needs for patient communication.”
Patient room boards have been proven to increase HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems – the first national, standardized, publicly reported survey of patients’ perspectives of hospital care.) scores by up to 6 points. With such a focus on improving patient satisfaction, hospitals are doing everything they can to make strides for improvement.

“Providing caregivers an easy-to-use tool allows proper communication with patients and makes everyone’s lives easier.When I first entered this industry, HCAHPS was not as prominent, but today, hospitals are taking action to improve those scores. Hospitals are very aware of their HCAHPS scores and the affect that has on their business, and will do anything they can to improve that. We are seeing a lot of consolidation of facilities and rebranding, efficiencies in buying and staffing, and investment in the physical layout of the environment.”

These changing priorities reflect the importance of the patient experience and overall satisfaction. In an industry that revolves around the end-user, it’s crucial that we can meet these needs and provide the best solutions possible.

Contact your American Sales Associate or find one near you to order your patient room boards and promotional healthcare products!

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