Preparing a Spooktacular Halloween Event!

Many may not know that a dealership can be a great venue for Halloween fun and a great way to increase public exposure. Hosting a Trick-Or-Treating bazaar inside your dealership  or business provides a safe, fun environment for children to enjoy the holiday and introduce parents to friendly sales staff and new vehicles for sale.

Your Halloween event can be simple or extravagant and include activities such as:

  • kids trick-or-treat between the various departments (you could take this opportunity to talk to parents or hand out flyers/information with the candy)
  • put skeletons in display vehicles driver’s seats
  • Halloween-themed games and prizes
  • haunted maze for the children

Whichever style event you choose to host, there are essential items to make your dealership Halloween event a success:

  1. Logo’d treat bags: kids will need a safe place to keep all of their goodies!

2. Sugar-free treats: every parent will thank you for adding some variety to their children’s Halloween haul!

3. Safety gear: when your Halloween event patrons venture out into the community after visiting your dealership, they will be visible and safe with these handy safety lights.

Halloween will be here soon – it’s time to begin planning your Halloween event by talking to your ASB sales associate today! To find your local associate click here.

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