Credit Union – Success Story


CLIENT: Credit Union

MARKET: Financial

SITUATION: Our customer had stacks of outdated statement paper they were unable to use. Throwing it away was not an option. They wanted to find a way to reuse the paper while supporting their community.

SOLUTION: American helped the credit union find a creative way to turn their trash into treasure. The credit union teamed up with American to recycle the paper into writing pads for area schools. By turning their unwanted paper into student writing pads, the customer was able to recycle, reuse and even managed to gain media attention for their efforts in recycling and supporting their local schools.

SUCCESS: Rethink, Recycle, Reuse! Not only were we able to create a new use for their paper, but we were able to help them supply twenty-nine schools in four nearby counties with fun and free writing pads.

AMERICAN SOLUTIONS: Print & Document Solutions

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