Effective Employee Appreciation Programs

Businesses such as automotive dealerships, manufacturing plants and sales-based organizations are driven by hard-working teams of employees. Because employees are such a valuable asset, successful companies strive to build trust, loyalty and initiative. One highly effective method is through an employee appreciation program. Appreciation is a fundamental human need and when employees are valued, their satisfaction and productivity levels rise. Organizations with an effective recognition program have 31% less voluntary turnover and 41% who use peer-to-peer recognition have seen marked positive increase in customer satisfaction.


In order for an employee appreciation program to be effective, it should have a simple, efficient reward process and desirable reward items. A popular choice for an appreciation program is a system that allocates a dollar amount to the rewarded employee to redeem online via an employee appreciation “mall” with various items to choose from.

Employee appreciation malls should include:

  • Items for work – desk accessories, daily planners, desk clocks, jump drives, tablet cases
  • Organization’s branded apparel – jackets, caps, t-shirts
  • Personal items – cleaning products, kitchen accessories, tools, auto accessories

American Solutions for Business has thousands of items to choose from in order to build your perfect employee appreciation program, as well as eCommerce solutions to make recognizing your employee simple and efficient. Talk to your ASB associate about building an employee appreciation program today! Find your local ASB representative here.

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