The Power of Personalization

According to Consumer Product Trends: Navigating 2020 by Deloitte and Touche, consumer spending will likely shift toward customized, small-run products and experiences across a broad range of products. Put simply, personalization is a value-add that will only increase in the coming years. Anybody can brand a product, but branding alone does not ensure the item will be used. However, personalizing the item guarantees not only the branding is seen, but it is seen longer. Personalization creates customer loyalty and leaves a true impression on your customer.


Instead of printing your logo on a product, print the recipient’s name, initials or company logo,” suggests Chris Robbins, experienced program coordinator with Custom Color Solutions. “Make it about the person receiving the gift, and in the long run, you will enjoy more value out of your investments.”

In some situations, it may be worth reassessing where your budget is spent. Robbins explains:

“If you’re trying to improve your company’s position with some major clients, don’t be a penny pincher. Think for a moment how much you would spend to entertain these clients. Perhaps you occasionally take them to dinner or to sporting events. Those can be costly promotional outings and when they’re over, they’re over.”

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