National Heavy Truck Manufacturer – Success Story


CLIENT: North America’s Largest Heavy Duty Truck Manufacturer

MARKET: Manufacturing

SITUATION: Our customer needed a way to streamline the ordering, printing, distribution and billing of their national calendar program. Armed with a budget of $350,000 – they needed thousands of calendars sent to 475 different dealer locations with 310 custom imprints. They were looking to transform a manual process into an automated option that could handle credit card transactions. In addition, they had experienced quality control issues in the past that had reduced their dealer participation rates by 32%. They needed a solution that would re-energize their dealers to participate in this marketing effort.

SOLUTION: American built an online ordering, printing, distribution and billing program powered by our proprietary ACES eCommerce technology. This eStore provided enterprise-wide print, fulfillment and credit card billing opportunities. It also opened the door to cost savings, online proof approval, increased control, accurate reporting and brand continuity among individual dealers. Our user-friendly interface made ordering and customization a breeze and allowed the time burden to be lifted from their corporate staff.

SUCCESS: Pedals to the metal! With an online program in place, this automated program has saved our customer over $50,000 in administrative and contract costs. It has also increased dealer participation rates by almost 50%. From zero dealer complaints to on-time delivery and cost savings, American helped this program go from crazy to cruise control.

AMERICAN SOLUTIONS: Print & Document Solutions, eCommerce Solutions and Marketing Solutions

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