Drive Brand Recognition Using Retail Strategy

A recent article in ‘Fixed Ops Journal’ from Automotive News by Larry P. Vellequette entitled “Gimme a Brake Rotor and a Snickers Bar”, highlighting the migration of dealership parts departments to a more retail atmosphere. Vellequette describes the concept and implementation process Brighton Ford followed when deciding to add a convenience store to their parts department, resulting in about $300 per day in additional sales!

That got us at American thinking: how can we help our clients’ dealerships expand their parts department beyond snacks and beverages to increase sales even more? In search of the answer, we took a look at department store automotive sections and the successes and challenges of branded merchandise.

There are a number of staple items in the automotive section of any major department store. They include items such as:

All of these items are naturally placed next to the automotive parts and lubricants isle where the customer can easily locate all of their needed and desired automotive items in one place.

Clothing manufacturers have capitalized on the power of brand advertising by affixing their visually appealing logos to their products: shirts, hats and outerwear. Just the image of an Under Armor logo on a hoodie can be the tipping point in a consumer’s decision to purchase the item. Clothing brands have the dynamic benefit of both producing necessary items and having their brand signify status in whichever niche they reside. Consumers literally pay to advertise for the clothing manufacturer.

For automotive dealerships, the apparel manufacturer’s branded clothing can be popular among loyal customers, but dealership-branded apparel may not attract the same desirability. However, by combining a well-liked clothing brand and your customers’ need for department store automotive items, your dealership can incorporate the retail concept to your parts department to increase potential added revenue and brand recognition.

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By adding a logo’ed auto safety kit or ice scraper to your parts department offering, you illustrate to your customer that you can be a one-stop-shop for all of their automotive needs. When your customer uses your logo’ed item for everyday use, your brand gains valuable impressions that will lead to recognition and ultimately, more sales. The best part about this concept is the ability to start small with just a couple of items and grow your product offering as your business grows.

American Solutions for Business provides all of the staple items you’ll find in the department store automotive section, complete with your dealership’s logo! From air fresheners to trunk organizers, we’ve got the products you need to increase your retail parts sales and brand recognition. Talk to your ASB automotive sales associate today to get started! Don’t have one? Find your local ASB representative here.

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