Trend Alert – The Varsity Tee

If you haven’t heard of this new trending style, it’s time to listen up! The Varsity T is a long sleeved t-shirt with dropped hems on the sleeves and a seam under the chest. This product is known for its HUGE imprint area, commonly featuring the organization’s name across the entire back yoke. It’s often decorated with puff print – an opaque-based ink that achieves a ‘puffy’ look after being heat set.


Popular Markets:

  • Hospitality/Events – resorts, tourist destinations, music festivals and fundraisers
  • Colleges/schools – sports teams (volleyball, cheer leading, dance, basketball, etc.), sororities, academic organizations and clubs

Stephanie Holzer, Account Executive at S&S Activewear says:
Who would have ever thought that an oversized long sleeved t-shirt would be such a hit?! American has done such a wonderful job getting these in front of customers to provide this stylish apparel item to all sorts of organizations and businesses. There are several ways in which you can embellish these tees, so have fun with it!”

To learn more about snagging this hot item for your organization, contact your American sales associate. Don’t have one? Click here to find an associate near you.

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