ASB raises $5,000 for Lakes Area Food Shelf

American Solutions for Business raised $5,000 for non-profit, Lakes Area Food Shelf, during the 2023 Accelerate event. The funds donated will be used to purchase food, and provide resources, to underprivileged families in the surrounding towns.

“We love having the opportunity to raise donations for different organizations around the country, and getting to see the donations turn directly into food was so impactful for our attendees!” expressed ASB President, Justin Zavadil.

Beginning weeks before the event, attendees and supporters purchased paper soup cans for $20. Those donations were turned into raffle tickets that could then be placed in various boxes to win prizes. The prizes were donated by Patriot-level suppliers. The paper soup cans were displayed throughout the meeting space at Breezy Point Resort for the length of the event.

“It means so much having a large corporation from outside our area take an interest in our local friends and neighbors,” explained Lakes Area Food Shelf board member, Jean Kraft. “It was a pleasure accepting the generous donation, and sharing a quick story at Accelerate. As I once heard someone say, and believe to be absolutely true, ‘We are all perhaps one life event away from needing access to a food shelf.’”

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