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The demand for alternative ways of learning continues to grow. In the past 17 years, charter school campuses have more than doubled and enrollment has tripled. As of 2021, over 10% of all schools are private institutions.  You are probably familiar with the three “R’s” of education: reading, writing and arithmetic. Charter and Private schools must also adhere to an additional set of R’s: recruiting, retention, and revenue. American Solutions for Business is ready to help you make these objectives easier to obtain.


Like Public Schools, Charter Schools are state funded based on number of students. Having a decided focus such as STEM or Performing arts can help attract students from a larger order. A direct mail campaign through American can send new students your way.

Private schools can also utilize direct mail along with branded merchandise to attract students. Having prepared Thank You baskets for campus visitors acts as a reminder and hopefully encourages them to enroll. 


Like most industries, burnout and stress are real. Private School staff often feel overwhelmed by the additional responsibilities their position requires. A study by Holberg Financial found that 40% of young Charter School educators have considered leaving the field. They cited feeling stressed that the teaching may not be financially sustainable.

Acknowledge your employees’ dedication throughout the school year with Thank You and Holiday gifts. American can help you develop a year of service program where the staff can choose from a variety of items. Ideas include lapel pins, plaques, and apparel. These simple recognition acts show appreciation of all the hard work they have provided. Keeping staff morale high also has an effect on the students who will see that teacher’s continued involvement with their lives.


Private Schools have the added incentive to bring in revenue. This allows them to attract experienced staff, improve campus, and offer scholarship to gifted students. This is often done through tuition costs and various fundraising.

Using American’s proprietary eCommerce technology, your school can create a customized online store for students, families, and alumni. Put your school logo on polos and uniforms. Equip the students with branded notebooks and pens while alumni may want a crystal clock or coaster set.

Often a school will have time-sensitive events. For these, use our pop-up store service. These quick sites help raise funds for specific needs in a hurry. Parents can purchase kits for their children to commemorate graduations or as a sports booster. Market to Alumni offering them a unique gift such as a holiday ornament when they make a minimum donation to the school.

American Solutions for Business has experience working in all factors of public and private education. Connect with us at

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