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The Jar of Life story is one you may have heard several times. This story is a metaphor for how to spend and prioritize your time to help maintain efficiency. The idea is, if you put sand into the jar first, you will not have room for the rocks and pebbles. On the contrary, if you put the rocks first, then the pebbles, then the sand, it will all fit in to the jar. This holds true for the healthcare industry as well. If you spend all your time on the small things, you will run out of room for the big, important things.

Sometimes we dwell on the small things and lose sight on the bigger picture. American can help by taking care of the small things for you, while you focus on the bigger things. In a previous blog we discussed how employee retention is an issue in the healthcare industry and can have a huge effect on the efficiency of healthcare facilities. American offers many employee retention programs that we help maintain. Some of these options are employee recognition programs, kitting and fulfilment for employee gifts, employee stores, and points programs.

Happy employees are not the only component to maintaining efficiency. Patient satisfaction is also an integral aspect. American has helped several hospitals with patient satisfaction programs. We have solutions such as communication boards, sound dampening panels, and take-home kits. In-room satisfaction displays with a QR code can provide real time results identifying issues before the patient leaves the hospital. Additionally, congratulate new parents with baby welcome packages. Separate uniforms by color and specialty with a handy reference guide so visitors can easily find help. Finally, eliminate any confusion from new visitors with well-defined signage and wayfinding.

We also have everyday items such as labels, forms, business cards, pamphlets, mailings and basic commercial print items. American is a contracted suppler with some of the industry’s top Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO) and can offer special member pricing on print and promotional items. With these savings, you can focus more on your big-ticket items knowing you received the best price on the smaller items.

American Solutions for Business is dedicated to helping your organization attack expenses, simplify processes, and build your brand. Reach out to your sales representative to learn more.

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