ASB Celebrates Women’s History Month | March 2023

ASB launched the second year of International Women’s Day nominations, to correspond with the month-long celebration of trailblazing women in the American family. Below are the nominations that came in this year, consisting of both self nominations and shout outs to women who have impacted others.

Alona Buddy & Amber Law

“My Expanded Services ladies! They make me look good and do all the hard stuff that makes my life so much easier. They always show extreme patience, even during the busiest times, and are always willing to step in and offer assistance whenever needed. They offer a safe space to vent (and be sarcastic) and pick me up when I’m having a bad day. I can’t imagine working without them.”

Emily Juettner

“Emily is always calm, cool and collected even when she’s under pressure or dealing with challenges. She’s always a joy to work with and has a positive attitude!”

Kris Dronen

“Kris is our numbers lady! She is the one we count on to make sure everyone gets paid. I love that Kris will go the extra mile to do whatever needs to be done to keep that payroll commitment!”

Steffany Rivera

“Steffany has been a wonderful addition to the ASB team! She is such a quick learner and has already contributed so many great ideas and content to help our reps succeed!”

Alyssa Sullivan

“I love Alyssa’s passion and work ethic for supporting our business! She has such great institutional knowledge and is a tremendous asset to our company!”

Erica Svare

“There isn’t anything this beautiful woman can’t do! Our friendship started with her helping me fumble through inventory questions, to becoming my “work wifey”, and now one of my best friends. Her positive approach to work and life make me smile every day. I admire her work ethic, willingness to always help and her amazing sense humor. I am lucky to not only call her my coworker but also my friend.”

Livi Dalmau & Sofia Walters

“They are such a positive influence with their great humor, optimism and can- do spirits. They make coming to work a real pleasure. They make me want to do my best, and they are so wonderful at expressing their appreciation.”

Tami Rusch

“This photo was taken in the Fort Myers airport last year on May 7th, just a couple of days after our youngest daughter got engaged, and I realized that I did my job as a mom well! My girls were right where God intended them to be. There is no better feeling than knowing your children are happy, and that we modeled the kind of marriage and relationship that allowed them to “be particular” when choosing their spouses.”

Jenn Duncan

“Jenn is our go-to Benefits guru. Jenn is also someone on our team that will always volunteer to help her teammates – if someone is struggling, she will always jump in to help!”

Amy Kovach

“Amy introduced herself to me at the 2020 conference. Since then, we’ve kept in touch and supported each other. She’s really championed me and encouraged me as I’ve grown my business, and has been a sounding board and cheerleader for me. In addition, she connected me with a group of other young women in our company who have become a great source of encouragement as well. Truly, Amy is a shining example of women supporting women and I’m thankful for her.”

Lori Anderson

“Lori is so knowledgeable about our business—especially on the accounting/finance side. She’s always helpful, going above and beyond most times, and always a smile on her face! Such a positive person.”

Hayley Thomson

“Hayley always has great ideas to make our marketing better. She’s great to work with and always willing to help whenever needed.”

Tammy Zeithamer

“Tammy is always a go-getter and has an energetic personality. She has a can-do, will-do attitude and works to get things done, improving processes and eliminating waste. She is always busy but also always willing to help out other. She shows them how to improve their process and make their jobs go a little easier, even in other departments.”

Amy Spychalla

“I find Amy a very positive influence, always smiling, and always giving positive reinforcement! With her tenure with the company, she is a wealth of information. She is always willing to help and to listen.”

Jorunn Scheiderich

“I have known Jorunn since the mid-1980’s when she was a manufacturer rep for Label-Art and for Wise Business forms. She was always visiting our office to let us know what was going on and to muster up more business. As a young rep first starting out, she was a great example if professionalism, optimism, persistence and effectiveness, the perfect sales rep example, especially in an industry dominated by men at the time (particularly in sales). I found out that Jorunn was with American and between speaking with the folks at American, and visiting the home office, Jorunn was the glue that sealed the deal for me – and I could not thank her enough!”

Michele Ricker

“I did the Komen Walk To End Breast Cancer with my best friends a few years ago. Doing the 3-Day walk made me feel like I made more of an impact than I could any other way. Preparation, training (mentally and physically0, and walking alongside survivors and supporters of this cause is one of the most impactful and inspirational things I have done in my life.”

Taylor Borst

“Taylor is a great reminder of what can be accomplished with the right combination of drive, positivity and passion. Her years in the industry have made her a wealth of knowledge, but anything she doesn’t know, she’ll search high and low to find it!”

Casey Feigum

“Casey is very kind, determined and hardworking, and has grown immensely in her position at ASB over the last several years. Anyone who knows Casey agrees that she is an excellent role model, and her frequent words of encouragement bring joy to my workdays. Her personal accomplishments and growth in the last few years have been both delightful to witness and a motivation for me to improve areas of my own life.”

Julie Jones

“I have worked with Julie for over 10 years, and she has always strived to go above and beyond just getting a paycheck. There have been numerous projects where she jumps right in and take over. One of her best traits is to think of solutions to problems that I had never thought of. She also is tremendous with customer service and really does care about the clients. My success comes largely due to her.”

Nicole Baker

“Moms are amazing. I had no idea what a balancing act being a mom is until my daughter was born. Balancing being a mom and having a career is not easy and some days are really difficult. But, I’ve been able to achieve record growth in my business and care for my daughter until she gets into daycare. This time has been so valuable to me and has been such a reinforcement of how much I love my job, and the flexibility it offers me to prioritize my daughter. Plus, she gets a front row seat to her mom building a business, and that’s really amazing too! Women really are so powerful, and this year has shown me just how true that is!”

Miriah Cassidy

“Miriah is what comes to mind when I think of an effective leader. She’s not only knowledgeable in her field, but also makes the people around her feel heard and respected. And of course, she loves to put a smile on her face. I’m so grateful to have gotten a chance to work with her.”

Christine Fischer

“I feel powerful in this photo because I am a Program Director for a leading print and promo company and I am on the phone with a fellow woman entrepreneur, assisting her in serving her customers.”

“Christine has so much knowledge in her field, and what knowledge she doesn’t have, she goes after. She also encourages my personal growth in the industry, and not only identifies my strengths, but adjusts my position so that they are included in my job description. My position is not stagnant because of her leadership. She allows me to grow and shine, which makes me motivated to keep growing and learning. There is no need to look for a new position, because she allows growth within it. She’s the best!”

Julie Mensing

“Julie is always so warm, supportive and kind! She always gives people the benefit of the doubt and is always willing to jump in and help. She’s been with ASB for over 32 years and brings so much knowledge and experience to the table”

Sadie Schlief

“I am lucky to have Sadie on my team. Her commitment to ASB, passion to tackle new challenges, and attention to detail & quality are inspiring and a great role model for my team. She has been with American since 2006, yet I’ve never heard “that’s always the way we’ve done it.” Instead, she openly accepts new challenges every day and is a innovative member of my staff that I count on regularly to deliver for American.”

Katie Hallstrom

“Katie is a great go-to resource for all of the inter-workings of ASB. Katie’s expertise makes her a irreplaceable resource for our team; we would be lost without her!”

Christine Krusemark

“I don’t’ know if I can truly put into words the impact this incredible woman has had on me. She is driven, attentive and motivating. Watching her grow these last few years has been truly inspiring. She pushes me to work at a whole new level, not just here at American but at everything in my life. Keep an eye on this girl, she is going places!”

Melissa Santiago

“Mel is what we like to call “the fixer”. You can go to her for anything, whether work related or personal, and she will listen to you and offer advise, or a solution, to your problem. She is a part of the backbone that keeps us all on track. From collections, to writing internal processes, to helping navigate the system and run report – she does it all. I know I would be lost without her, and I think the ladies in this office feel the same way. During the pandemic, she worked out of the office to make sure that business still ran smoothly so that we could all work from home. She sacrifices a lot of her personal time to keep our production running. We appreciate everything she does for us and she does not get nearly enough of the recognition she deserves.”

Katie Kahler

“Katie inspires me every day with her drive and her accomplishments. She has no fear and is creating opportunities in ways that I had never considered. Katie motivates me to continue bringing new solutions to the table for my customers and I am more successful because of her lead. My ASB experience has risen to whole new level by being able to share this journey with my daughter – and see her flourish!”

Sarah Louden

“Sarah is a great leader in not only what she does but how she does it.  Sarah genuinely wants to help each of us grow to our greatest potential and is there to help us and guide us along the way. She’s the person you want in your corner when things get tough. Sarah coaches you through those tough times and is the first to celebrate the wins, and work through the losses. We consider ourselves lucky Sarah is leading our team!”

Simi Kasakwe-Welsch

“Simi is hardworking, kind and always eager to learn and grow. She brings impactful ideas to the table and is committed to important initiatives like our corporate responsibility report and DEI!”

Serena Zirpel

“There is so many things I can say about her. She is my supervisor and is just so amazing! She has made me feel so welcomed as an ASB employee, she is very inspirational and gives the team excellent motivation to achieve our goals. She’s always in a positive mood, which encourage me to have a positive attitude, and always makes me feel heard.”

Leadership is an action, not a position. – Donald McGannon

Diane Zavadil & Jill Harman

“These women are the best in what they do and have proved this to everyone time and time again. 

Diane standing up to be our leader for American Diversity has shown me how persistence and confidence will get you where you want to be. She always has a smile on her face and her kind heart leaves an impact on everyone who is in contact with her. She’s always encouraging everyone to be their best self and thrive at what they are best at.

Jill, not only being the absolute BOOM for everything promo, is one of the smartest and most caring women I know. She is confidence in what she does and won’t let anyone stand in her way while also lending out a helping hand to anyone in need. Jill’s passion for this industry is not only one of the reasons I joined American but has taught me to believe in myself and the knowledge I have and know it will grow with time. She has motivated me to always put 100% of yourself into what you do and care about and you will see the results you are looking for. I strive to be the mini-Jill in this industry and hope one day I will influence as many people as she has. “

Kimberly Bengtson

“Kim is a former American sales rep, now with NC Custom. What I like most about Kim is her willingness to help others and her promo expertise. I met Kim a few years ago at the Ft. Worth, TX & Orlando, FL sales conferences. I was new and my background is 100% print, so when Kim offered to walk through the vendor shows with me it was an eye opening experience. Kim knew the vendors and the reps, and she had great product knowledge on all things promo. Part of my learning experience with American has been to reach out and meet new people. Kim is my pick for inspirational women, because I learned more from Kim in the past two conferences together than I could ever learn online or with a formal promo education. Thanks to Kim, I am a better sales associate at American.”

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